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Visidraft uses the power of augmented reality technology to contextualize your 3D models while also providing tools for you to share models and collaborate with your team all in real time.

Interactive models at your fingertips

  • Virtually walk through projects
  • Real time contextualization of your designs
  • Express materiality with advanced 3D rendering

Intuitive Design Communication

  • Clarity of design intent between architect, client and contractor
  • Review designs over your 3D model in context
  • Reduce miscommunication between design and execution

Optimize Project Collaboration

  • Share your models & markups instantly with Design team, contractor and clients
  • Identify conflicts early by overlaying design in existing conditions
  • On-site model reference for contractor and client to coordinate with architectural plans

“ The freedom of movement and interaction that Visidraft brings to your project, creates an intuitive environment for architects and clients that traditional renderings have yet to provide ”

— Michael Blake, bestudio

Visualization is easy.

Works with industry standard CAD software

Visidraft works seamlessly with industry standard CAD and modeling software like AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, Maya, Sketchup or any software that can export to FBX. Have models in a different format? We can work with you to convert them.

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