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Slash Project Time & Costs

How Visidraft can help you:

Scenario : Cost of exterior on new building construction is too high and contractor is proposing a substitution.

The scenario


Pain Point

Wants to reduce costs

Traditional Process

In the dark until new system is selected. Multiple site visits to approve changes

With Visidraft

Views a range of low cost solutions on-site and approves immediately in one trip

32 hours / $47,712 Saved


Pain Point

Wants to keep aesthetic integrity of exterior finish and considering new finish

Traditional Process

Shows new finishes to client and contractor over email with multiple site visits to test

With Visidraft

Views new finishes on-site, in context, coordinates changes with owner and contractor immediately

184 hours Saved


Pain Point

Wants to ensure new exterior finish will attach to building

Traditional Process

Costs research, interpret and references outdated drawings, guesses about attachment points

With Visidraft

Identifies best fit solution visually and makes corrections to drawings in real time saving costly modifications

120 hours Saved